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Lighting Chronicles

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2021 In The Rear View Mirror

The last couple years have been full of challenges and difficult circumstances. Cherished experiences, travels, traditions, and celebrations have been postponed, modified, or cancelled. Employment, education, and supply chains have been disrupted. Many of us have lost loved ones, most of us have lost a friend or someone who had occupied a place in our lives. Counting our losses is a normal, healthy part of retrospect.

As we now look at 2021 retreating in the rear-view mirror, let’s take a moment to also count the gifts of 2021. While our lists will be different, I expect that the experience we have as we each create and ponder our own list, will be the same. Here is my list. I hope yours is long and significant.

  • While supply chains were disrupted causing some shipping delays, our ability to draw from multiple warehouses across the country and pivot to equivalent but differently branded bulbs have allowed us to complete most projects on time.
  • Our 7th grandchild Samuel (2nd grandson) was born safe and sound. He and his older brother, sister and parents live close by.
  • Our son Brad finished his master’s degree and landed a great job. The resulting move took he, his wife and 3 of our grand girls back to Atlanta, only 90 minutes away from our home… not too bad.
  • My mom turned 90 this year and still lives independently in her own home in Canada… watched over by my sisters whose homes are close by.
  • Maris welcomed Jason to the “family” this year. He is a great addition and has made us better than we were.
  • Marlene and I were grateful to squeeze a couple “snack attack” thank you trips into the summer between “original covid” and the first “delta variant”. We miss these trips dearly.


We didn’t break any records, but 2021 was a successful year. Thank You!

Picture of Chris Young

Chris Young

Marlene and Chris Young founded Maris Lighting in 1996. Marlene is the “Mar” and Chris is the “is” of Maris. For 25 years Chris has assisted many hundreds of designers, developers and hotel owners throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, find more beautiful and more efficient light bulb solutions. His efforts have helped entire brands and portfolios of properties move from energy sucking incandescent bulbs to energy sipping fluorescent circlines, spirals, early effort LEDs and now the beautiful and ultra-efficient LED bulbs of today. Designers, developers, purchasing organizations and hotel owners who want to reduce their impact on our environment, reduce their operating costs by saving energy and increasing product longevity, and enhance the beauty and appeal of their properties, find his technical understanding and deep connection to the hospitality industry a unique asset.