Maris Lighting has always been a family company. In the early days many family road trips were planned around the need to “visit customers” and dinner conversations often revolved around Maris.

Through the years Maris has grown, but we are still a family company. Three of Marlene and Chris’s children, raised in the family business, have significant roles in the company. However, you don’t have to be a Young by birth to work at Maris, we happily “adopt”. The offices at Maris are not restricted to employees only. It’s not unusual to see a child or teenager come through the office door looking for “mom or dad”, or “grandma”… or on a really lucky day “grandpa” and we are delighted to see them. Since they witness our behavior in the office and hear about it around the picnic table, we cannot participate in so called “good” but unethical business practices at work and then try to teach high moral ethics at home. These children help keep us honest, boost our morale, improve our performance and remind us why we work so hard. Taking a break to play with children or grandchildren when they come to the work place may be a little unusual in today’s corporate world but we love it and are proud of it.

Our interest in family doesn’t end with a last name, or at our office door… it includes you and your family. We know that you have many things to do and worry about. We can’t help with most of them, but we can take “light bulbs” off your plate so you can spend more time on other things that matter to you. With Maris, you are not a nameless customer, you matter and are part of the Maris family. Serving you properly requires us to be good at our jobs and to bring you the best products, at fair prices. It requires prompt responses, accurate information and thoughtful solutions. When we help you succeed, we both succeed.

Yes, we sell lightbulbs, but we hope to do much more than that for you. We promise to treat you fairly, with respect and as a real person… just the way we like to be treated. We aim to be “your lightbulb guys”.

In the end, our goal is to make your day better. We want to treat you in a way we will be proud to talk about around our dinner table. So give us a call and see how our family can serve your family.