January, 2022

Featured Project Hyatt Regency, Bellevue WA Light Bulb Lingo | Lumens per Watt The efficiency of a car is measured in “Miles per Gallon”. Cars that get high miles per gallon are more efficient than cars that get low miles per gallon The efficiency of a light bulb is measured in a similar way. “Lumens […]

Brand Flexibility

Flexibility Produces Savings and Protects Schedules Restricting a purchase to a single brand and model number is a common buying approach. It’s safe and easily communicated, but it can also limit competition, reduce access to innovation and delay construction schedules. As an alternative, consider developing a performance spec. A good performance spec requires a thorough […]

Lumens per Watt

The efficiency of a car is measured in “Miles per Gallon”. Cars that get high miles per gallon are more efficient than cars that get low miles per gallon. The efficiency of light bulbs is measured in a similar way, “Lumens per Watt”. The total amount of light produced by a bulb is measured in […]

December, 2021

The Perfect Light We can’t tell you the kelvin temperature or the lumen output of the Christmas star. But I can tell you that the event it announced offers warmth and love and hope to us all. May we each strive to bring peace to the earth and good will to all mankind. May the […]

2021 In The Rear View Mirror

The last couple years have been full of challenges and difficult circumstances. Cherished experiences, travels, traditions, and celebrations have been postponed, modified, or cancelled. Employment, education, and supply chains have been disrupted. Many of us have lost loved ones, most of us have lost a friend or someone who had occupied a place in our […]

Exciting Product Possibilities for 2022

Do you see something you need right away? Let us know and we will make it our priority. MU200-AMBER G125FC1980 G125-MTXY V195GD G125BM2008 Assembled In USA RN-SMC125150 RN 1-CG200 G125SH RN 1-ST-64 S125FEC01-MTXMC G125-SP001 SP004 SP005 D125 G125-BS80ZT BP80ZT BA80ZT CA165GF S174239GF RN 1-S65164 Filament LED Color G125 Love D150

Order Map

The Maris “Order Map” puts your fixture number and side markings, our SKU number, the manufacturer markings and tracking numbers in a single, easy to read document. This specialized solution assists your receiving and installation crews understand what they have and where you need it installed. “Order Map” is another specialized tool from Maris Lighting […]

November, 2021

Featured Project AC Hotel Ballantyne, Charlotte NC Light Bulb Lingo | Color/Kelvin Temperature Prior to a standardized color temperature measured in degrees kelvin, we used words to describe our growing variety of light colors. Words like warm white, cool white, artic white and soft white became confusing and open to interpretation.. we needed a more […]

Color/Kelvin Temperature

Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and refers to the color of light. The yellow light produced by a candle has a very low color temperature of 1,000 degrees Kelvin. As the color temperature increases the yellow disappears, passes through white and arrives at the very high 10,000 degree Kelvin color of a clear […]

October, 2021

Humanitarian Effort Building before Ida Jared, Brad and Chris. Dirty but happy to help Street before Ida Building after Ida Everything to the curb, including the sheetrock Street after Ida Last month Jared, Brad and Chris had the opportunity to spend several days in Slidell and Jean Lafitte Louisiana, helping folks clean up after hurricane […]