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Brand Flexibility

Flexibility Produces Savings and Protects Schedules

Restricting a purchase to a single brand and model number is a common buying approach. It’s safe and easily communicated, but it can also limit competition, reduce access to innovation and delay construction schedules.

As an alternative, consider developing a performance spec. A good performance spec requires a thorough understanding of what the product needs to accomplish and consists of a list of required attributes. It may include a brand and model number as guidance and comparison.

A performance spec offers FOUR main advantages over standard brand and model number specifications.

1 – It encourages price competition between multiple manufacturers offering equivalent products.

2 – It embraces improvements and technological advances as they become available.

3 – It reduces the likelihood of supply line disruptions and back orders, inherent in single source specifications.

4 – It avoids the need for respecification should the originally specified brand and model number become discontinued.

With more than TWENTY-FIVE years of exclusive “light bulbs for hotels” experience, Maris Lighting is uniquely positioned to help you develop the performance spec that perfectly meets your goals and the requirements of your fixture.

With strong relationships with more than TWENTY of the nations most amazing bulb manufacturers, Maris Lighting is able to consistently deliver the advantages of a performance spec.