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Concierge Service and Custom Tools

We Anticipate Your Needs

The role of a concierge is to anticipate and satisfy the needs of a highly valued individual.

Our highly valued individuals are the designers and purchasing professionals involved in a hotel new build or renovation project. Our concierge service helps these experts bring balance and order to the chaos created by the unrelenting trilogy of demands “fast”, “perfect” and “on budget”.

Our Job Is To Make Your Job Easier

Today’s lightbulb distributor wants you to tell them exactly what lightbulbs you need. This requires you to spend hours researching, organizing, and becoming a lightbulb expert, so you can make the job of your lightbulb distributor easy. We think this relationship is upside down. We feel it is our job to make your job easy, not the other way around. 

The solution… bring the Maris Lighting experts “in house” and put the two and a half decades of Maris experience and concierge service and tools to work for you.

We Do The Research, You Save Time

Working from your approved fixture shop drawings and designer notes, we will do all the research and organize everything into a single comprehensive spreadsheet for your review and approval. While we take care of lightbulbs, you can take care of fixtures or artwork or furniture or any one of the many other things demanding your attention. This allows you to move fast and do two things at the same time while ensuring that everything is cared for by an expert and is perfect. 

Extraordinary Service... No Charge

Our size allows us to provide this service to you at no charge, keep our prices competitive and protect your budget. 

Rapid Fulfilment

Our access to extensive inventory and multiple distribution facilities will quickly transform your purchase order into bulbs on site. 

Custom Tools Like "Order Map"

Our order map keeps fixture numbers, order SKUs, bulb manufacturer markings and tracking numbers in one place. It’s a fantastic tool for receiving warehouses, installation teams and a great cross check to your PO. 

Bulbs Are Easy With Maris On Board

Don’t struggle with a frustrating, highly technical, low-price product. 

Bring Maris Lighting on board and put the tools and services that were designed for you, to work for you. You will be amazed at how easy lightbulbs can be.