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June, 2022

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What sets us apart? It's our people! Meet Jason Sator

Founder Chris Young met Jason in late 2019 and immediately recognized in him the character and soft skills that would make him a perfect match and a great asset to Maris Lighting. Unfortunately, Jason was happily and fully committed to another industry at the time and could not be “won over”. Finally, more than a year later we prevailed, and he agreed to come on board January 2021.

Jason’s outstanding work ethic, keen mind and attention to detail allowed him to shorten the learning curve by months and he began directly interfacing with clients much earlier than anticipated. By May 2022, Jason had responded to over 330 RFQs.

In his “past life” in media, Jason developed the ability to prioritize and work within a fast paced, deadline driven environment. These skills have served Maris customers well as he works to make sure information is accurate, complete and on time so that tight schedules can be met.

Jason’s desire to satisfy the needs of his customers compels him to work till all the issues are put to bed, challenges resolved and his folks taken care of. It’s very personal to him.

If you are looking for a light bulb partner who will not rest till you can rest, then Jason is your man.

We at Maris Lighting are immensely proud of Jason and the excellent service he provides to all our valued customers and friends. Let him help you determine what bulbs you need and get them to your project on time. Jason@MarisUSA.Com

Chris Young

Chris Young

Marlene and Chris Young founded Maris Lighting in 1996. Marlene is the “Mar” and Chris is the “is” of Maris. For 25 years Chris has assisted many hundreds of designers, developers and hotel owners throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, find more beautiful and more efficient light bulb solutions. His efforts have helped entire brands and portfolios of properties move from energy sucking incandescent bulbs to energy sipping fluorescent circlines, spirals, early effort LEDs and now the beautiful and ultra-efficient LED bulbs of today. Designers, developers, purchasing organizations and hotel owners who want to reduce their impact on our environment, reduce their operating costs by saving energy and increasing product longevity, and enhance the beauty and appeal of their properties, find his technical understanding and deep connection to the hospitality industry a unique asset.