August, 2022

Featured Project New Tower, Hilton Columbus – Downtown Did You Know? Sixty birthday candles, one 60 watt incandescent light bulb, one 13 watt CFL and one 9 watt LED bulb all produce the same amount of light… 800 lumens. But modern technology delivers that light for just a fraction of what it used to cost. […]

July, 2022

Featured Project Home2 Suites – Fishers Indianapolis NE Light Bulb Lingo – What is an LED filament? An LED “Filament” starts with many (sometimes hundreds) of tiny unpackaged LED chips mounted on a metal, ceramic, sapphire or glass substrate. This assembly is then encapsulated by a silicone/phosphor mixture that will convert the light to the […]

June, 2022

Featured Project Courtyard – Winston-Salem NC Light Bulb Lingo You have selected a beautiful fixture -But how do you make sure you get the right bulb? Here is a list of the TEN things that need to be considered. Getting any of them wrong could mean that the bulb won’t fit, won’t work, won’t last, […]

April, 2022

Featured Project Beacon Grand (formerly Sir Francis Drake). San Francisco CA. Light Bulb Lingo Rated Life – Not All Bulbs Are Created Equal Two bulbs may look identical. They may be the same size, shape, color, light output and even the same brand… so why is the price so different? Did you find a “great […]


TWO LED BULBS CAN LOOK IDENTICAL, same light output, same kelvin color, even the same brand, but the price can be significantly different. Did you find a great deal, or is something else going on?
Check the RATED LIFE.

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March, 2022

Featured Project Holiday Inn, Hasbrouck Heights NJ. Light Bulb Lingo | 3-Way Bulb vs 3-Way Fixture 3-Way Bulb A 3-way BULB is a single bulb that looks like a regular light bulb. However, if installed in a 3-way socket controlled by a 3-way switch it will produce 3 different light levels. Low (40w equivalent), medium […]

February, 2022

Featured Project Hyatt House Raleigh North Hills Light Bulb Lingo | Ja8 Did you know that the “California Energy Commission” requires special light bulbs for California hotel projects California Title 24 Ja8 Specialized Solutions |Flexibility Good for bodies and bulbs!


California Energy Commission,Title 24, Joint Appendix 8. The CEC, Title 24, Joint Appendix 8 (Ja8) is a list of lighting standards, unique to California, that apply to all California residential construction projects that require a permit: including single-family homes, multi-family homes up to three stories high, apartment units in residential high-rises and guest rooms in […]