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About Us

Our Philosophy

“We exist to serve our customers, our communities and our families. When we do this well, we succeed and prosper as individuals and as a company”

Our Roots

In 1996 Marlene and Chris Young, parents, and homeschoolers of 4 young children, founded Maris Lighting in Tucker Georgia. From day one Maris was designed to deliver extraordinary service and superior lightbulbs exclusively to the national hospitality industry.  

Many history and geography lessons were taught as the family “road tripped” across America visiting hotel owners, designers and purchasing organizations. Travel plans and company strategy were frequent “board room dinner table” discussions. Maris was truly a family business. 

Our Culture Today

Jared is the only sibling involved full time in the company. His younger brother and sisters are off pursuing adventures of their own. New employees are “adopted” into the “family” thus preserving the original family business culture.  

We love the feeling of a “family business” and believe it provides a unique environment for all the members of “the family”. We understand that the mood and experiences of the day are carried home to loved ones. We hope that the discussion around the dinner table each night includes what happened at work. These important discussions are more likely to be uplifting when the activities of the day are honest and positive. We do not want anyone to do, or say, or be exposed to anything at work that they would not be proud to discuss at home.

Why This Matters

It means you can be sure that what you are told by any member of the Maris family is the truth. This does not mean we never make a mistake, but it does mean that if we make a mistake, we learn from it and everyone in the Maris family works together to fix it, and nobody gets thrown under the bus.  

It means we are proud of the reputation we have earned and pledge to make every effort to ensure that our dealings with you strengthen that reputation.  

Our interest in family does not end with a last name, or at our office door… it includes you and your family. We know that you have many things to do and worry about. We cannot help with most of them, but we can take “light bulbs” off your plate so you can spend more time on other things that only you can do.  

With Maris, you are not a nameless customer, you matter to us. We want to know you and see you as a part of the Maris family. Serving you properly requires us to be good at our jobs and to bring you the best products at fair prices. It requires prompt responses, accurate information, and thoughtful solutions. When we help you succeed, we all succeed!  

Yes, we sell lightbulbs, but we hope to do much more than that for you. We promise to treat you fairly, with respect and as a real person… just the way we like to be treated.  

In the end, our goal is to make your day better. We want to treat you in a way we will be proud to talk about around our dinner table. So, give us a call and see how family takes care of family.