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January, 2022

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Hyatt Regency, Bellevue WA

Specialized Solutions | Understanding Leads to Options

Especially in todays unreliable supply chain environment, getting exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, can be a little challenging.

Before accepting costly delays or trying to reengineer on the fly, try "conversation". Maris Lighting has the experience to understand exactly what you want, develop a list of the required bulb attributes, and go to its portfolio of over 20 bulb manufacturers to find the exact bulb you need, even when what you wanted is not available.
Chris Young

Chris Young

Marlene and Chris Young founded Maris Lighting in 1996. Marlene is the “Mar” and Chris is the “is” of Maris. For 25 years Chris has assisted many hundreds of designers, developers and hotel owners throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, find more beautiful and more efficient light bulb solutions. His efforts have helped entire brands and portfolios of properties move from energy sucking incandescent bulbs to energy sipping fluorescent circlines, spirals, early effort LEDs and now the beautiful and ultra-efficient LED bulbs of today. Designers, developers, purchasing organizations and hotel owners who want to reduce their impact on our environment, reduce their operating costs by saving energy and increasing product longevity, and enhance the beauty and appeal of their properties, find his technical understanding and deep connection to the hospitality industry a unique asset.